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22 Aug 2006

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Based on Vancouver Island, this club services the largest geographic area of any Corvair club ( Corsa itself excluded, of course) From the Pacific, east to Manitoba it covers 2,911,268 km2 (approx. 1,124,047mi2)

Membership dues are currently FREE for those living in Western Canada, until the next October after you join (this is our FREE TRIAL period) - then we'll ask for $20 (CDN) annually.

Meeting are arranged by the Regional Director in your area. Contact the director for more information.

WCC Mailing Listserver

The listserver facilitates the exchange of idea's and information between club members similar to that of Virtual Vairs but in a smaller more informal forum.

Joining the WCC List:

To join the list server click here or send an email to imailsrv@cybrus.net with the following as the body of your message: (You can use Corvair as the subject.)

subscribe corvairs <your full name>   (Do not add the brackets '<')

Leaving the WCC List:

To unsubscribe from the list simply send another email to imailsrv@cybrus.net only this time make the body of you message read as:

unsubscribe corvairs

Send mail to the WCC List:

Send an email to corvairs@cybrus.net

Getting detailed help:

You can also receive a full list of listserver help commands by sending yet another email to imailsrv@cybrus.net with a message body containing:  

help corvairs

A special thanks to Cybrus.net for hosting our List server! Be sure to support them with your business if you can.