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20 Aug 2006

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Western Canada Corsa 2000


Photo Collection

Thanks to John McCarthy for the photos!

Click each photo below to see a larger version - then click the Back button on your browser to return to this page.
This is some pic!

Bob and Jason Gilbert tally the votes at the registration table, while others inspect the more than 40 door prizes!

Shawn Sirna's Best of Show LM vert and Jim Carmen's vert.  Smiley Face ballon courtesy of Laura "Shower Girl" Rushworth

Joseph Parro's '65 'vert and Dawne and Dean Edward's '63 Spyder vert


Various LM coupes lined up outside the barn.  CNW members kibitz at their picnic table

Shawn Sirna and Joel Rushworth playing chess in the barn

View from inside the barn.  Yvonne Martin and Don Ross's Crocus Yellow Coupes

Bernie Worfolk (in Gatsby Hat) past Prez of BC Corvair Club watches LM vert cruise past

Shaun McGarvey shows Christy Miller his recently aquired, rare, Cdn built '64 Spyder Convertible

Foreground: Eric Guenther's '65 LM coupe.  Background:  Hal Klassen (white t-shirt w/ Grey vest) discusses his Cord 8/10 Corvair powered replica

Yvonne Martin's '66 Lemonwood Yellow Monza Coupe on the left and Don Ross's Best Late Closed '65 Crocus Yellow Corsa Coupe.  Inspecting the trunk from left to right is Carver Black, Bob Gilbert, Jason Gilbert (bent over getting a close up look) and Bernie Worfolk.



_ Half way point of cruise, stop at Campbell Valley Regional Park.  On the left, John Linke's Toro conversion LM coupe, (that's John with his hands in his pockets on the extreme left)  Ken Thomas's EM wagon.  On the right, John McCarthy's Red 65 Monza, Lon Wall's LM coupe with trunk open (Lon standing next to the car) Shawn Sirna's Prowler Yellow 65 'vert followed by his recently aquirred Greenbrier.

Parking Lot at Red Robin's.  In the Foreground is John Linke's Toro Conversion Corv-8. Notice the black airscoop (part of a EM decklid) used to funnel air to the rear mounted rad

EM corral.  Ernie Parson's (seated) watches as Bob Gilbert explains the finer points of earlies to his son, Jason a newly minted first time 'vair owner.  Beige '63 in foreground belongs to Ernie, followed by Yvon Morais Best Early Open '63 'vert with the wide white walls.

EM Corral.  From left to right.  Yvon Morais's '63 Best Early Open, Ken Thomas's Best Specialty 62 stationwagon, John Jaques' 63 Monza 900 Coupe, John Fellon's Best Early Closed 61 and Mike Scoffields '60 Sedan


Charles Wrobel's 63 Corvan "Leonard"  finally arrives (better late than never <G>)  Leonard received his paint job only the week leading up to CTD.  Charles lined the interior with neoprene used for wetsuits, a trick installation that looks great! 

Shaun McGarvey with son's Mitchell and David take their newly aquirred '64 Cdn Spyder 'vert out for a quick cruise.  Looking on in the back jacket and ball cap is Stephen Hunter.  In the background is Eric Guenter's '65 Coupe and Hal Klassen's Cord 8/10 replicar.

Yvon Morais's Chow Benjamin hunkers down to pass the time.


Benjamin watches the action from his '63 vert.

More from Campbell Valley Regional Park.

Don Ross's Best Late Closed '65 Corsa Coupe.

Shawn Sirna's Best of Show (2 years running) '65 Monza 'vert in Prowler Yellow. In the background is Zoltan Szilagyi's '66 Danube Blue 'vert

View from Jim Carmen's 65 vert to Shawn Sirna's '65 vert and across the the LM Coupe corral.

Rob Hall's '65 coupe, his daily driver.  Centerline wheels give it an aggressive stance.

Mike Scoffield's very clean '60 four door.

The view over the trunk of Ernie Parson's '63 vert to Shawn Sirna's newly aquirred Greenbrier

Ken Thomas's '62 wagon.  Best Specialty 3 years running!

John Fellon's flawless black '61 coupe, it won Best Early Closed, and Mike Scoffield's 60 sedan.

Tim Sirak's '65 Monza Coupe, Best Daily Driver.  Dennis and Karen Ross converse with Rollie Martin off to the right.

John Linke's Toro conversion Corv-8 attracted alot of attention.    At the rear of the car Mike Weirmier, Colin Vogel and Shawn Sirna look on. On the extreme right is Joel Rushworth.

Mark Reed's '68 'vair of many colours.  Despite its appearance a vairy trick coupe, set up for autocrossing.

Shaun, David and Mitchell McGarvey take the '64 Spyder vert out for a spin

Joel Rushworth's '66 Corsized Monza Coupe.  Wheels are TSW Kalaharis.

Syd Sloan's '66 Sedan and Yvon Lauzon's 66 coupe

On the left is Stephen Hunter's Powerglide Corsa Convertible.  On the right is Steve Hammatt's one owner '65 Corsa Coupe with American Racing Torque Thrust 'D's and aluminum drums.

Doug Titus's Best Late Open '66 turbo 'vert

Treatment cruise through White Rock.  Tim Sirak's 65 Monza coupe in foreground


John Jaques has a chat with CNW members at their picnic table in the middle of the LM Closed corral

Pat Williams arrives in the '69 500 coupe he purchased only the day before CTD. Its arrival meant CTD had one 'vair from every year of production present.

Shawn Sirna takes a closer look at John Linke's Corv-8.  Notice the relocated licence plate, the cove area between the tail lights is actually the exhaust for the rad.

Dr. Corvair listens closely to Yvonne Martin's '66 as Jim Carmen comes around the corner.

Dr. Corvair and assistant Jocelyn McGarvey help patient Stephen Paine towards the doorprize table.  Yvon Lauzon looks on from the fence.

 Wolfgang Tratzsch finally arrives with his '65 turbo coupe.

John's special trademark view out of the review mirror as the cruise gets underway.

Steve Hammatt looks over as he shares a laugh with Christy Miller.